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It's still hard to know what to make of the upcoming Dream House, a movie that sounds like your typical haunted house thriller except for the people involved-- director Jim Sheridan, stars Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts, and now Rachel Weisz too. Will it be the classiest haunted house movie of all time? Or just a bizarre experiment from smart people who are fans of the genre?

Variety is reporting that Weisz has signed on to play Craig's wife, and the story follows the New York-basec couple when they move to a New England home that--dum dum dum-- was the host of a murder of a mother and two children. Watts, disappointingly, won't play the mother ghost but a neighbor who knew the dead family.

Filming already started in Toronto, and Universal already plans to distribute the film, so we may be finding out what this is all about sooner rather than later. But any movie that brings together Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz has to be a good thing... right? Right?

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