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The Raid 2 Scissor Kicks A New Image And Set Of GIFs In Your Face

the raid 2

Here at Cinema Blend, we’re waiting patiently for tomorrow’s arrival of the second trailer for Gareth Evans’ The Raid 2: Berandal. That is, if you consider bloodying our knuckles on everything in arm’s reach while unsuccessfully attempting backflips off of tables "waiting patiently." Luckily, we’re able to bide our time with a new image and a couple of GIFs from the film, though admittedly they just make us want to punch and flip even more.

The high-flying image seen above, via Yahoo! Movies, looks like it’s being taken during the middle of an oil spill, and everyone’s afraid to step in it. Not that I think anyone in the picture is afraid of anything. That one guy’s legs are spread perfectly horizontally, and if that doesn’t take guts (and practice and stretching), then I don’t know what does. Of course, it also looks like it could be taken from The Raid: Redemption – The Musical, and even though I say that jokingly, that is a musical I would buy season tickets for.

Yahoo! thankfully delivered a handful of GIFs, which show off some more of the film’s fast-paced scenes in silent, miniature form. I’m pretty sure both of Evans’ Raid films could be slowed down to a quarter of their original speed and they would still move a dozen times faster than I do. Unless, of course, there’s an ice cream buffet around, in which case I’m The Fat Flash. Take a peek at the GIFs below.

the raid 2

the raid 2

I wonder when more Academy Award hopefuls will start introducing serrated hooks into their narratives. It easily would have made Philomena a shoo-in for Best Picture, right?

the raid 2

Since everyone is all in a tizzy about what qualifies as sexist these days, I wonder if it’s politically correct to say I’m really jazzed that a badass female fighter is being introduced in this film, known only as Hammer Girl (Julie Estelle). In fact, I think I like her name just as much as I like character itself. When pathos isn’t available, a swinging hammer will work in a pinch.

The Raid 2 will make its premiere during the Sundance Film Festival, and it will hammer its way into theaters on March 28. Stay tuned tomorrow for the new trailer, but in the meantime, check out the hard-hitting teaser and rewatch the first film. Or join us in our backflips. The choice is yours.

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