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Ralph Fiennes may join the cast of the still untitled James Bond 23. The rumor being circulated by this very unreliable British tabloid says Voldemort’s reps are in discussions with the film’s producers and director Sam Mendes. If any of this report is true and they come to an agreement, he’d join the cast to play a “darkly complex” character. No further details are offered, but that sounds a lot like they’re hiring him to play a villain to me.

That might seem to conflict with previous reports indicating Javier Bardem had been offered the movie’s bad guy role, but the Daily Mail rumor makes it a point to say that this is a different part from Bardem’s. Maybe Fiennes character exists in some sort of grey area, or maybe he’ll put back on his fish costume and play Voldemort just to snag Bond some of that phat Harry Potter money. Or maybe this is yet another fake story from a British tabloid. You’ll know the truth as soon as we do.

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