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Rambo Coming Home For Fifth Film?

In news that really shouldn't surprise any of us, Sylvester Stallone is planning yet another Rambo movie, even as he films a movie about assassins in South America with Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham and plenty of others. Can't Sly just take on some other kind of gun-toting jungle badass? Did it ever occur to him to leave Rambo alone?

Yeah, of course it didn't. Stallone told Extra! that they'll be doing another one, and there's really just one problem to solve. "Yeah, we are doing another Rambo, but the conflict is whether to do it in America or a foreign country."

Wait, America??? Hasn't Rambo traditionally been our distinctly American form of diplomacy, a guy willing to kick vigilante ass in foreign locales? What on earth will he do stateside? Actually, never mind what I just said-- this concept sounds just bizarre enough to work.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend