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Rashida Jones And Ari Graynor Have Real Talk In Celeste And Jesse Forever Clip

With her warm smile and skillful straight man routine, comedienne Rashida Jones has proved an integral part of the charming sitcom Parks and Recreation. And while the TV star has made memorable appearances in films like The Muppets and The Social Network, she is earning a new level of buzz for Celeste and Jesse Forever, a Sundance-selected comedy she not only co-stars in (opposite Andy Samberg) but also co-wrote with fellow actor-turned-screenwriter Will McCormack.

She and Samberg headline as the titular couple, two people deeply devoted to each other who nonetheless decide to divorce. They separate, and still stay greatly entangled in each other's lives, much to the consternation and confusion of their friends. In the film's first trailer, Ari Graynor, who also made waves in another 2012 Sundance comedy For A Good Time Call…, scolds the pair for their inexplicable relationship, and now Sony Pictures Classics has released a new clip that serves as a follow-up to her blow-up. Check it out below, courtesy of Yahoo:

I find Graynor and Jones to be two of the most underappreciated comediennes working today, and so am thrilled to see Sony giving each their due with this latest promo. But beyond these talented actresses and their enviable bangs, this clip also displays the issue at the core of Celeste and Jesse's break-up: how do you move on if you don't move out? We know from the trailer, things get tough for Celeste once Jesse starts seeing someone else. But what seems so enchanting about Celeste and Jesse Forever—besides a cast that also includes Chris Messina, Emma Roberts and Elijah Wood—is that this seems to spin the story into a more poignant and less daffy place than most rom-coms.

Celeste and Jesse Forever opens August 3rd.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.