Rashida Jones And Bryce Dallas Howard Rumored For Ant-Man's Female Lead

It's starting to become hard to keep up with all of these Ant-Man stories. Just a few minutes ago we learned that Michael Pena is potentially in negotiations with Marvel Studios to join the cast of the new Edgar Wright-directed film, and now Variety claims to have a bit of inside knowledge about the actresses being looked at to play the movie's female lead. The trade's sources have informed them that Rashida Jones and Bryce Dallas Howard are among the names being talked about in the studio's offices, but also notes that offers haven't gone out just yet. It's not clear if the role specified is that of Janet van Dyne or another character entirely.

If a link between Jones and Ant-Man seems familiar, that's because the actress was first mentioned in connection with the project all the way back in October. The actress does have some previous experience working with Paul Rudd (who is set to play Scott Lang in the movie), the two of them not only starring in the movies Our Idiot Brother and I Love You Man together, but also in multiple episodes of the comedy series Parks and Recreation.

This is the first time that Bryce Dallas Howard has been rumored for a Marvel Studios film, but she does have some comic book movie experience having played the original Gwen Stacy in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. What could cause a conflict, however, is the fact that Howard is currently attached to star in another big 2015 blockbuster: Jurassic World. Production on the dinosaur film will likely take place right around the same time as Ant-Man, which means that working out a deal could be impossible.

While Jones and Howard still seem to be in the running, one actress who has apparently removed herself from the race is Jessica Chastain. Variety says that the Oscar nominee was actually approached about the role, but wound up passing on it. If the report is true, this is the second time that Chastain has turned Marvel down, having previously been offered the Rebecca Hall part in Iron Man 3.

Janet van Dyne was first introduced in the comics in 1963 and is best known as her superhero alter ego Wasp. She has the ability to shrink herself down to the size of an insect, but she can also fly and fire bio-electric energy blasts from her hands. The character has classically been romantically linked with Dr. Hank Pym, who will be played by Michael Douglas in the movie. If Jones and Howard are in fact being considered to play van Dyne, it's possible that given the age difference the film will have her in a relationship with Paul Rudd's Scott Lang instead. Either that or the actresses are going out for a completely different role all together.

This story has already seen some denials, but just as a conversation starter what do you think of either Jones or Howard playing the female lead in Ant-Man? If not them, who would you like to see? Hit the comments to tell us what you think.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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