The Reason The Fantastic Four Didn't Wear Their Costumes In The New Movie

The following story contains mild spoilers for the new Fantastic Four movie, so back away if you haven’t seen it yet, and still plan to!

Costumes, in superhero movies, are a big deal. I love what Marvel has done with Captain America’s look over the years. I lament the fact that Hugh Jackman’s never donned Wolverine’s traditional duds, and I’m dying to see what Tom Holland’s new Spider-Man will look like. Additionally, I was looking forward to seeing the new Fantastic Four cast in their classic blue duds (pictured above). Only, it wasn’t meant to be.

So when I sat down with the cast in New York City, I asked them why they didn’t slip on the traditional costumes in the new movie. I wanted to know if these was ever a cut of the movie (or a draft of the script) where the team did don the costumes, but Miles Teller said that, for this reason, that wouldn’t make sense. He told me:

It wouldn’t make sense. Because, like, when would they make them? We don’t really become a team, for the most part… like I said, we’re a government experiment. And everyone just gets trapped, so you are just like, when would they make these suits? Maybe the last scene of the movie? But at the last scene of the movie, that’s when we decide that we’re going to be a team. So it’s not… It just didn’t make sense. And I think it would be odd if we’re keeping the tone of this film and everything’s a certain way and all of a sudden they’re wearing these bright, blue [suits]. But that being said, I would love to put on the blue Fantastic Four uniform."

Will they get a chance to? That remains to be seen. The story of the Fantastic Four movie gradually is becoming what happened behind the scenes during production and post-production, creating a movie that critics have dismissed. Worse than that, audiences seem to be avoiding Fantastic Four, as the movie earned an estimated $11.3 million on Friday night. Not great.

Listen to Miles Teller tell the story himself, and watch the team display their decent chemistry, with Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan playfully coming to Kate Mara’s rescue when she has a microphone malfunction during the junket piece. Adorable!

Fantastic Four is in theaters as we speak. The sequel is dated for June 9, 2017. I’m guessing we’ll finally see this new team in their old costumes… if the sequel actually happens.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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