In Ready Player One, there are three central adult characters that make up the story’s heart. There’s James Halliday - the Willy Wonka-esque video game tycoon that’s left his possessions to whomever can solve his easter egg hunt, Ogden Morrow – Halliday’s estranged best friend, and Nolan Sorrento – Halliday’s business rival, who’s obsessed with winning the treasure hunt.

For the casting of James Halliday, hands down the role should go to Tom Hanks. The lasting relationship between Hanks and Spielberg is something that should be capitalized at all times, as these two are a hoot to watch in action. Also, Hanks has that 80’s cred that lends itself to the story’s throwback nature. Though if we’re going to talk about throwbacks, there’s another icon from the 80’s that deserves a role in this picture – and that’s Dan Aykroid.

Aykroid would be perfect for the role of Odgen Morrow, as he’s eccentric enough to nail the character’s crossroads of "Albert Einstein meets Santa Claus." Not to mention, the techno-babble inherent to the film’s script would sound wonderful tripping off of his rapid fire tongue. This leaves us with the villain of the piece to be cast, and if we’re going to try and convince someone to come out of retirement, there's one clear choice hiding in plain sight. It's high time we gave Gene Hackman a chance to make sure his resume doesn’t end with Welcome To Mooseport.

Just imaging Hackman’s charming, yet menacing nature from his Lex Luthor performance in the Superman series, and transpose that to the character of Nolan Sorrento. His keen balance of menace and polite banter would be perfect to terrorize young Wade Watts in his quest for Halliday’s treasure. If these three titans are cast in Ready Player One, you’ve gone a long way towards cementing this film as a hell of a theatrical experience. That is, of course, if you cast the right actor to play Wade Watts.

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