New Red Band Trailer For Rubber, The Movie About The Killer Tire

When a trailer for a new film comes online, I'm typically in the same boat as all of you, watching the video and determining if it's something I may be interested in. This case, however, is a different beast all together. I had the pleasure of catching Quentin Dupieux's Rubber during AFI Fest last year and I can tell you right off the bat that you are in for a treat.

Hulu has posted a new red band trailer for the film that has an incredibly simple plot: a tire wakes up in the desert one day, realizes that it's psychic, and proceeds to use his powers to blow up everything that it sees. Meanwhile, an audience sits on top of a hill with binoculars and watches the tire go about his business. The whole this is deliciously weird and screwed up, making for an immensely entertaining movie-going experience.

Check out the trailer below (and my apologies to folks reading us from abroad).

While I think the trailer is solid overall, I feel that I am responsible to clear something up: the trailer opens with Robert The Tire (yes, that's his name) watching a guy throw tires on to a fire and the audience is led to believe that this is why he decides to go on a killing spree. Not only is that incredibly misleading, but that scene doesn't happen until about 3/4 of the way though the movie. The truth is that the entire film is predicated on the idea that there are some things in this world that don't require reason, such as a tire going around blowing people's heads up. If you allow yourself to be open to that idea, then you are in for a real treat come April 1st when the movie is put into limited release (it should also be noted that the film is currently available On Demand). I sincerely recommend hunting it down when it comes out.

Eric Eisenberg
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