Red Band Trailer For Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil Spills Blood

We’ve been hearing about Tucker & Dale vs. Evil for quite some time. It was announced a couple years ago and got some attention when Firefly’s Alan Tudyk attached himself to the property, and Reaper’s Tyler Labine completed the the titular duo. The film premiered as a midnight movie at Sundance 2010 to decent reviews and is finally, a year-and-a-half later, finding its way to theaters and VOD.

IGN has landed a fancy new red band trailer that shows off pretty much the entire movie. Tucker and Dale are a couple of lovable rednecks who accidentally kidnap a city girl, whose friends do their best to rescue her. The problem is that the college kids keep accidentally killing themselves. Check out the super gory trailer below.

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As you can see, 90% of the city kids are dead by the end of the trailer so a lot of the mystique of seeing the actual movie is gone. The other big problem is that it seems like you have to buy in to the fact that the idiot city kids won’t believe the apologetic Tucker and Dale claims that they haven’t kidnapped anyone, on purpose at least.

Our own Katey Rich got to see it at Sundance and says that beyond its complete lack of ambition to do anything other than make you laugh, it handles that pretty well. As long as you go in knowing what to expect, it seems like despite its faults, you’ll at least leave entertained. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil hits VOD August 26th and theaters September 30th.