After sitting on a shelf for three years and then debuting a totally lackluster poster yesterday, the upcoming Red Dawn really needs to impress us, and they're giving it a shot with this long-awaited new trailer, which just debuted online. Take a look below.

That's some serious fakeout the movie kicks off with-- some cruel person is going to tell their Friday Night Lights-obsessed friend that they finally made the movie, and then be really disappointed when the planes start exploding and falling from the sky. It's kind of neat the way the movie starts the foreign army invasion without actually giving us the details-- that's pretty much how a group of teenagers would experience it too, though they may just be doing it because they changed the enemy from China to North Korea in post-production, and the details are a little fuzzy.

It's hard not to notice just how young everybody looks, especially since in the time since they made this movie, both Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson have become far, far more famous. But Hemsworth clearly had his heroic thing going on well before he took on Thor's hammer, and Hutcherson, though given very little screen time here, knows how to make his way through a battlefield as well. You have to have lowered expectations for a movie like this, that's not only long-delayed but a remake of an 80s film to begin with, but at least it's better than that poster. It's a small thing, but an important one.

Red Dawn comes to theaters November 21. To learn more about it click here.

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