In the battle of the Paul Andersons at the box office, each one of them gets to be a winner in their own way. Paul Thomas, director of the fascinating new film The Master, is leading the critical pack with an 88% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while Paul W.S. will be sitting happily on top of the box office with Resident Evil: Retribution. The fifth film in the franchise based on the video game franchise made $8.8 million on Friday, setting it up for a $23 million weekend and an easy #1 spot at the box office.

Coming in at second place is a 3D version of a giant hit from almost a decade ago-- according to the numbers at Deadline, Finding Nemo 3D made $5 million Friday, on its way to an estimated $18 million weekend. That puts it way, way ahead of the third-place finisher, The Possession, which spent the previous two weeks on top of the box office. The only other new film to make the top 10 was Last Ounce Of Courage, an indie focused at Christian audiences that on its Rotten Tomatoes page is described as "fatuous and smug" and "pure preaching-to-the-choir poppycock." Well, at least it's not inspiring riots in the Middle East like a certain other propaganda film out there.

As for the other Paul Anderson, The Master only opened in 5 theaters over the weekend, but made an impressive $242,127 on Friday anyway, and could make more than half a million by the end of the weekend. The film will expand into more theaters over the coming weeks, and with plenty of awards buzz surrounding it, this definitely isn't the last we'll hear from The Master.

Let us know in the comments what you're seeing this weekend, and we'll have a full weekend box office report to you on Sunday.

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