New Rio Trailer Will Seduce You With Lionel Ritchie

We’ve seen a couple of trailers for Rio now, but none of them have offered all that much information about the movie’s plot. What you probably know about the movie, if you know anything at all, is that it’s bright, colorful, and involves birds. Well here’s a little more information, delivered by the movie’s new trailer.

Watch the new trailer for Rio below or in HD on Apple and you’ll learn that this is a movie about an endangered, domesticated Macaw chained to a potential mate and subsequently lost in the jungle. Take a look:

Rio may well contain the most accurate portrayal of parrot life ever captured on screen. I don’t know. Even though it offers a little more information about the story than previous trailer attempts, it’s still impossible to tell from the above trailer, which is mostly all about advertising the voice cast and smashing characters into surf boards.

There was a pretty amusing scene towards the beginning in which the movie’s lead character, Blue, wears glasses and simulates an alarm clock. I feel that is an extremely accurate visual representation of the Macaw’s inner dialogue. It’s probably a low-self esteem thing, caused by having such an uncreative owner. Come on lady, so what, you just looked at him, saw what color he was and said “Blue”? Parrot’s live for like a hundred years. You’re going to have this pet forever. Put a little more thought into it, will you?

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Josh Tyler