Is Risky Business 2 A Possibility, With Cruise To Star?

We've heard rumors about this for years now, so it wasn't a huge surprise to learn yesterday that a Top Gun 2 was moving forward at Paramount, with Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott both contacted to get behind the project. Now it seems there's something in the water regarding revivals of 1980s Tom Cruise vehicles-- the Australian site What's Playing has heard there's a script going around for a Risky Business 2, which finds Joel Goodsen grown up and happily married, until he re-encounters that old flame Lana.

Unlike the Top Gun movie, which casts new pilots and includes just a small role for Cruise, Risky Business 2 would require Cruise to return and star and, well, do you really need me to tell you how unlikely that is? What's Playing isn't even certain if the script is a spec or something actually assigned by a studio, so it's entirely possible that some kind has written a Risky Business 2 in hopes of getting noticed by a studio, with no one actually remotely interested in it.

Even though Cruise is apparently a fan of Risky Business, it's not nearly as well-remembered as some of his other early output-- Top Gun included-- and I'm having a hard time imagining any studio really wanting to dig this one up. At this point I'd be willing to chalk this one up as a rumor, pure and simple, though if we start hearing more about a Risky Business 2, you heard it here first.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend