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Robert Downey Jr. And Weird German Foods Lead To The Strangest Civil War Video Ever

Through the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have seen all manner of supervillain try and take down the Avengers through all manner of methods. It appears, however, that Zemo may have discovered a new, and truly unique, method to remove Iron Man from Captain America: Civil War. His plan involves large quantities of German food. What starts out as a fun day of tasting delicious German delicacies slowly transforms into something else entirely.

The video which has been posted by Marvel’s German YouTube channel consists of Daniel Bruhl, the soon to be Zemo, giving Robert Downey Jr. a special German dining experience. It starts out with the two actors looking to be all sorts of friendly and this video looks like it will be fun if you’re a fan of Marvel, or food, or like this writer, both. Things get a little awkward early on when it turns out that the chef is firmly on #TeamCaptainAmerica. While it’s unclear exactly what Bruhl is saying to him (if you speak German we’d love to get a translation in the comments) we assume it’s something along the lines of "Dude, really? He’s standing right here. You’re making me look bad."

Things start to get odd when Bruhl says that in Spain, where he was born, people eat quickly and so Downey begins to cram his food. If you know anything about how Spaniards actually eat, then you know this is the exact opposite of the truth. Meals go on for days there. Slowly it becomes clear that the objective is not to give Robert Downey Jr. a great German meal, but rather to poison him. Apparently this video is done at least a little bit in character.

We still know very little about how Baron Zemo will factor into the events of Captain America: Civil War. After watching this video we’re hoping that he invites all the Avengers over to his place for dinner, as that could be very entertaining. These two must have had a blast filming this, as the parts of it that actually contain food really do look good. It certainly appears that Robert Downey Jr. actually took a bite out of a ping pong ball. We’re going to assume the laxative bottle was empty, or if he was lucky, filled with actual schnapps.

As promo material goes, we have to say this is some of the strangest we’ve seen for Captain America: Civil War, or really for any movie. Maybe you have to be German to really get it? We’re not sure how much more it makes us want to see Civil War, although, it does make us want to see Robert Downey Jr. and Daniel Bruhl host a cooking show together. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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