Robert Downey Saves An Extra From Rampaging Robots?

Iron Man 2 is a big budget, event movie and that means a movie set fraught with explosions, stunt men and even occasionally, rampaging robots. Luckily they have Robert Downey Jr. there to keep the metal menace under control.

BANG Media claims that while filming a scene in which stunt men dressed as robotic villains rampage through the set, an extra was injured. Here’s where it gets a little hard to believe. They say the extra was injured when he was hit by “a stuntman in an iron costume”. Now I’m not actually on Jon Favreau’s set, but generally when you want to dress a guy up like an iron robot you don’t actually dress him in iron. More likely it would have been light plastic spray painted to look like iron, which shouldn’t have really injured anyone.

But apparently an extra was injured while filming a robot scene in some fashion. Unfortunately no one noticed, except Robert Downey Jr. who their sources say, “Robert, who wasn't in the scene, suddenly noticed one extra twisting in pain and moaning.” The story goes that Robert then ran across the set, charged into the scene braving rampaging robots while yelling “Cut! Cut!” to save the extra.

Yeah I’m still not buying it. Somehow I doubt that whatever happened was really all that dramatic. More likely he just up to a couple of guys in rubber suits and told them to stop. Still, nicely done RDJ, whatever it was that you did.

Josh Tyler