Robert Liefeld, Creator Of Deadpool, Has A Message For Fox

It's a simple fact: comic book fans want to see a Deadpool movie. The movie has an incredible pair of writers attached in Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, a perfect star in Ryan Reynolds, and a potentially fascinating director in Adam Berg (though Berg has yet to be confirmed). But as great as it would be to see the Merc With The Mouth given the big screen treatment, it would only be worth it if done right - and that's exactly what Robert Liefeld, the character's creator, wants Fox to do.

Liefeld took to his Twitter account today with some choice words for the studio that took some extreme liberties with his most famous character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Ranging from serious pleas to jokey threats of violence, his message is pretty damn clear: Fox needs to make a proper Deadpool movie.

"Dear FOX studios, get your act together. Deadpool is not Green Lantern, not a family film. DP is "filthy" think Expendables $$ w/ RR""Also FOX, find your balls and film the script from Rheese[sic] and Wernick. You will make loads of money and thank yourself later.""Dear FOX, these five will show up and slice your nutz if you screw DP up!""FOX is always worrisome to me @JStud_ Not exactly the greatest track record. DP is in their hands.""It boils down to this, Ryan Reynolds, Mr. Sexiest Man alive paired with best comic script ever written, no-brainer....make Deadpool happen!""43 is the new 72 for me....i just speak my mind and don't give a crap....grumpy old Liefeld."

It's unclear if there is something happened to make Liefeld react this way or if he's simply growing frustrated with the whole process (I'm truly hoping it's the latter). As it stands, the biggest issue facing the project is Reynolds' availability, as the star is currently caught up in a multitude of projects ranging from the body switching comedy The Change-Up, which he is filming now, to Green Lantern 2. All we can really do at this point is cross our fingers and pray that we someday get a proper Deadpool movie.

Eric Eisenberg
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