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Bounding from the Harry Potter franchise into the Twilight movie series, pretty boy Robert Pattinson seemed to have the deck stacked against him in breaking out of the heartthrob roles he's built his career on. Lucky for him, David Cronenberg isn't worried that Twihard adoration will sully his work, and so cast Pattinson to star in his latest twisted drama Cosmopolis.

Based on the novel by Don DeLillo, the film, which premiered at Cannes earlier this year, follows suave 28-year-old billionaire Eric Packer (Pattinson) as his limo weaves its way through a Manhattan rife with riot scenes and traffic jams. But while most of us may text, listen to music, or curse while waiting for traffic to move along, Packer does business as usual from his one-of-kind mode of transport, and even finds time for some extramarital activities and willful self-destruction. Check out this inexplicable feature's trailer below, or spy it in hi-res at Apple:

It's hard to make much sense out of what unfolds above, but frankly that's for the best, as part of the thrill of Cronenberg's films are that they each play by their own peculiar set of rules. One thing we do know is that Cronenberg was so pleased with Pattinson's performance, that the pair have already agreed to reteam for another project, said to be set in France.

This unexpected collaboration could well be Pattinson's way out of the crush-inducing roles he's come to resent, meaning Cosmopolis could be as close as Fifty Shades of Grey fans will come to seeing the book's inspiration playing S&M enthusiast/young and handsome millionaire Christian Grey in its movie adaptation. I'll leave it to each of you to decide if that's good or bad.

Cosmopolis will open in New York and Los Angeles on August 17th.

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