Robin Williams To Play Dr. Hugo Strange In Dark Knight Rises?

Well, this is certainly out of left field. If you were expecting the Dark Knight Rises rumors to end now that we’ve finally started getting a real cast, you apparently don’t know how the internet works. This evening the web has been aflutter with rumors that Robin Williams will play Dr. Hugo Strange. It all seems to stem from a tweet by Batman On Film, but as Caped Crusader sources go, they’re among the most trustworthy.

You may remember ages ago, Williams came within a hair of landing the coveted Joker role in Tim Burton’s Batman, but it was not to be. Still, after all those years, the longing hasn’t quite died. The comedian who’s arguably better in his dramatic roles openly said last year that he’d work on The Dark Knight Rises in a second, but up until now, his words seemed more like longing than real casting news.

I’m not completely sold. Thus far, there’s been no confirmation from Williams, the studio or Christopher Nolan; so, even as much as I trust Batman On Film, I must recommend you take this purely as a rumor for the time being. What a glorious rumor it is though. For those of you unfamiliar with Gotham, Dr. Hugo Strange is a Batman-obsessed villain psychologist with more than a few screws loose. Williams has not only won an Academy Award for playing a shrink but has also crushed all of his creepy psychopath roles in the past.

Expect the actual facts on this within a few days.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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