It was revealed today that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is officially playing Black Adam in the new Shazam film that DC and Warner Bros are prepping for release in the near future. After months of speculation and countless teases that had us speculating in one direction, Johnson sent it all crashing down with one click of the "send" button on his Twitter feed. (Seriously, man? You couldn't have tweeted this news at Comic Con?) Bombshell aside, this means it's time for us to go back to the drawing board and evaluate some new candidates for the position of the man with the strength of the gods! Submitted for your approval are five actors who could make an awesome Shazam to face off against Johnson's Black Adam.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler really hasn't gotten himself into the comic book game just yet. That is, if you discount his "graphic novel" adaptation of 300, as well as his vocal talent being used in the Watchmen side story Tales Of The Black Freighter. Even with that experience aside, Gerard Butler is an actor that's recognizable enough to draw audiences in, but undefined enough to have a fairly clean slate to enter into the role of Shazam with. Given the opportunity, he could provide a seasoned edge that would compliment Ben Affleck's casting as Batman, and give the team a more evenly balanced age ratio.

Now comes the downside: with Shazam undoubtedly looking to take off in the next couple of years or so, as well as the long term side of whatever DC contract will be offered, Gerard Butler will more than likely have to pass up this offer. The reason being, Olympus Has Fallen was enough of a success to spawn the first of what Film District/Focus Features is probably hoping to be multiple sequels. If London Has Fallen performs like its predecessor did, you can expect Butler to be drafter into protecting a few more major cities throughout the world. If not, then let's hope he has Snyder on speed dial.

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