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If you’re a Bill Murray fan – and, frankly, who isn’t? - you’re probably looking forward to your next chance to see his comedic genius on the big screen. Well, look no further, as we’ve got a new trailer below to prime you for forthcoming release of his latest project, Rock The Kasbah!

Yahoo has released the latest trailer for the film, and it’s definitely different than the previous preview released. The basic story remains the same though: Murray plays Richie Lanz – a hot shot rock and roll promoter who lands a deal to bring his client (Zooey Deschanel) to Afghanistan to perform for the troops. Unfortunately for him, hilarity ensues as she goes AWOL and he’s left holding the bag. Things don’t look too rough for Murray though, as he romances Kate Hudson, pals around with Danny McBride, and squares off with Bruce Willis. In other words, this film has Classic Murray written all over it.

And it should too, considering that Rock The Kasbah is written by long time Bill Murray associate and former SNL writer Mitch Glazer – who wrote a little Christmas movie you may have heard of called Scrooged. If you haven’t seen that film, you should correct that immediately – Christmas or not. Besides that little caveat, this is a good sign that we could be seeing Murray in prime form in this film – especially when famed comedy director Barry Levinson is the one that’s calling the shots. Though that could be wishful thinking on our part, as one of Levinson’s most recent films was the dismal found footage horror crap-sterpiece known as The Bay.

Still, with Bill Murray and Mitch Glazer re-teaming, and a cast of some really talented people backing them up, you can paint us as more than a little optimistic. While the classic vibe of Rock The Kasbah is unavoidable, this is definitely a modern Murray picture. The man is purely pulling it out of his mind at this point, and it’s always a pleasure to see the man working his magic without stressing any of the Hollywood small stuff. If anything, we’re hoping some of that Murray magic can rub off on Bruce Willis in particular, as he too is an actor that really starts to get interesting when he stops worrying and starts riffing. Though seeing the two of them in a room, as well as hearing David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel in the trailer’s soundtrack, has us flashing back to both The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and Moonrise Kingdom at the same time.

We’ll see if our hopes are rewarded, or if our fears are confirmed, when Rock The Kasbah rocks out in theaters on October 23rd.