Is The Rock Ready To Become A D.C. Superhero For A Feature Film?

The Rock at WrestleMania 32
(Image credit: WWE)

File this under “Extremely Interesting Speculation.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson let slip a possible tease on his Twitter feed, responding to a fan who said that they could “see Rock playing in DC movies. Gravedigger or John Stewart (JL's Green Lantern)”

“Funny U say that …” was Rock’s only reply, but it was more than enough to get subsequent commentors to begin speculating wildly on whether or not Johnson was ready to try his hand at the superhero genre. One follower wants Rock to play Black Adam. Another said they’d rather see him as Marvel hero Luke Cage. And on and on.

Is this possible? Well, sure. The Rock has been on a tear lately, resuscitating such franchises as The Fast and the Furious and G.I. Joe by lending his brawn and charisma. He gave Journey 2: The Mysterious Island a spark. And in the ring as a professional wrestler for the WWE, Rock basically played a superhero night after night. This would be a very natural transition.

Also, we have been saying that ever since Marvel got its act together in a big (BIG) way on The Avengers, rival D.C. had to get the ball rolling on a possible Justice League movie. It would take years to plan – if D.C. wanted to follow the multi-film blueprint established by Marvel. But if D.C. gets Johnson in on the ground floor, it gives them a rock-solid foundation on which to build. Pun intended.

What do you think? Is Rock blowing smoke on Twitter? Or is an announcement imminent that the Pain and Gain star could be trying on superhero tights in the near future?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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