When In Rome Reunites Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro On Screen

If you’re a Napoleon Dynamite fan odds are that you’re absolutely not planning to go see When in Rome this weekend. Despite the presence of Jon Heder in both, Jared Hess’s awkward quirk-com and Mark Steven Johnson’s rom-com are clearly geared for very different audiences. But if you are a Dynamite fan, them I’m here to give you the heads up: You might want to buy a When in Rome ticket.

Heder appears in the movie as a zany, Chris Angel-like magician who lusts after Kristen Bell. Who wouldn’t? But for reasons that are utterly inexplicable, at one point in the film Heder abandons his Lance the Magician persona to become, weirdly, Napoleon Dynamite. And then Pedro shows up. Not just Efren Ramirez, the guy who plays Pedro, but Efren Ramirez actually playing Pedro. It comes out of nowhere, has absolutely nothing to do with the film, but suddenly there it is. Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro together on screen, bantering like their movie never ended, while Kristen Bell looks on waiting for hers to start happening again.

I’m not going to tell you where it happens or how it happens, no point in spoiling the moment. The scene only lasts thirty to sixty seconds, but it’s there. If you’re one of those lingering, hardcore, Napoleon Dynamite fans then you’ll want a ticket. Maybe two. Dig out your Vote for Pedro shirts and be there. Napoleon and Pedro are together again, even if it doesn’t make any sense.

Josh Tyler