Romola Garai Surprised That We Cared About Her Spider-Man Audition

Romola Garai, honey, you have a lot to learn. The British actress had a part in the movie Atonement, but apparently has not been involved in enough giant movies to know that, when you reveal even the tiniest bit of information about that movie, the Internet will be all over it.

According to Digital Spy, Garai was apparently surprised at how interested people were in the fact that she auditioned for Spider-Man 4. "It was really bizarre because I wrote that without thinking anything of it. I had no idea that with Spider-Man 4 being such a big film... that people would pick up on it. I was a bit taken aback. The point I was making is, 'I'm not going to get this [role]!'"

Yes, but even if you don't get the role, some other young blonde woman will-- and previously we were told to figure that Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane would be the only young blonde in the movie. Garai's confirmation that she auditioned for a role only furthers suspicions that the Black Cat will be a villain in the movie, and hey, if Romola Garai isn't playing the part, maybe it really is Rachel McAdams who will get it.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend