Well this is the big one. Christmas week is like, umm well, Christmas for moviegoers. Studios pump films on to the big screen knowing folks are on vacation and trying desperately to get away from their families. So they head to the theaters for a much-needed respite from holiday "cheer". It’s an extravaganza with wolves, Ronin, daydreamers, boxers and Beliebers.

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Rotten Week readers, do you want to get rich? Do you want to live the American dream of opulent wealth with all of its spoils? Cars? Boats? Homes? Name Brand cleaning products or high thread count sheets? (Or whatever you’re in to) Well do I ever have the opportunity for you. Starting today, you can invest directly in this column. Based on its readership, popularity and frank genius, we believe this column is set to go parabolic. Get in on the ground floor. Any investment is welcome and we’ll make your dreams come true. Just email me for this once in a lifetime opportunity to make yourself (but really just me) rich.

How’d I do? Was I channeling a little Jordan Belfort/ Leonardo DiCaprio there? Did I have you believing in the American dream of "get rich quickly or don’t bother trying"? I hope so, because I could really use the dough. You know who didn’t need the money? Belfort and company as they ran a massive penny stock scheme that turned over billions in illegal profits by scamming investors of said billions. All documented in this latest by Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street details Belfort and partner Danny Porush’s (Jonah Hill as a fictionalized Donnie Azoff) scam, the wealth accumulated by the two, and how it all came crashing down. It marks the fifth team up between Scorsese and DiCaprio which include:

Shutter Island (68%)

The Departed (92%)

Aviator (87%)

Gangs of New York (75%)

This one could very well end up as the best of the bunch. Early reviews are stellar, with the score sitting at 88%. And there is the requisite Oscar buzz as we head towards the end of the calendar year. In a strong year for movies, and an especially stacked year for the Best Actor category, diCaprio could make a late push into the field. Without a doubt this movie ends up a critical winner (it really already is) and don’t forget to send me those checks. We can all get rich together. The Rotten Watch for The Wolf of Wall Street is 90%

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