If you were to ask most warm-blooded humans what the funniest movie of fall 2009 was, the answer will almost unanimously be Zombieland. The film harkened back to it's spiritual predecessor Shaun of the Dead without winding up in the 'copycat' category like so many others that have tried to recreate that same magic. But despite the film's overwhelmingly positive reception, director Ruben Fleischer had still not chosen which project he is going to do next.

Until now. THR is reporting that DreamWorks, after a heated three-studio bidding war, tossed enough money Fleischer's way to acquire an original idea from the director, who is also signed on to helm the project. Fleischer's pitch is currently being kept on lockdown (something that's happening a lot recently and I don't always understand why), but it is known that it's a buddy cop flick, a genre that needs a pick-me-up after that Kevin Smith abortion Cop Out. That's right Kevin, I called your movie an abortion. Are you gonna whine about it some more?

Fleischer has been the belle of the ball recently with projects being thrown his direction left and right, including Tom Cruise himself crawling out of his Scientology cave in hopes to sign the director on for M:I 4. Smartly, Fleischer took his time off to choose what will hopefully be the right project for him. It's a refreshing change of pace to see a talented filmmaker holding out for a project that really speaks to him instead of just rushing into whatever project will make him the most money. This should make for a much better movie in the long run, and a better experience all around for Fleischer. Keep an eye out for more details to leak on the plot.

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