Ruin Your Day With Netflix's Addictive Spoiler Roulette

Spoilers. They're one of the most hotly debated and yet heavily sought after commodities on the internet today. Some things you want to see for yourself, others you really don't care if someone spoils. The line between these two camps of knowledge is an enticing one, because spoilers are truth, and as humans (and movie lovers) we always seek truth to those questions we so desperately want to know the answers to. Netflix understands this and though they've warned us of spoiler etiquettein the past, they're back to test and tempt out human needs for spoilers.

In fact, Netflix has created an entire site dedicated to the classification, dissemination, and temptation of spoilers. A particularly interesting section of the site is a feature entitled as Spoil Yourself. In this feature, you're given access to the typical red button that usually set off a nuclear warhead or sets a building's defense systems on "Condition Alpha," whatever that means. Except this time, it's not a harmful menace that lies behind a push of the button. At least, it's not harmful if you want to learn the finale of Breaking Bad.

That's right... every push of the red button causes Spoil Yourself to cycle between Netflix's somewhat limited but varied supply of spoilers from both movies and television shows that it streams access to (like World War Z Kill Bill, Scandal ) as well as original content like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black. They're all pretty short, and for the most part to the point - so if you leave any one video on for too long, you're probably going to end up spoiling something you don't want to know about.

Most other websites would tell you to be careful with clicking the Spoil Yourself buttons, but we here at Cinema Blend like to live dangerously. So we propose a little challenge for you, the most interesting of readers: there's roughly 40 or so clips on the site (yes, we clicked all the way through until we found ourselves in a loop.) Click through all of them, and keep score of which ones you know, which ones you didn't know, and which ones you don't even care about. For the bonus round, figure out how many seconds you can go into a video you don't know the twist to before being ruined. Record your results in the comments section for science and public scrutiny!

Seriously. Look at that red button. It sits there to taunt you and mock all that you stand for. It only has power for as long as you leave it unpressed. Take its power from it and click it. Or, if you enjoy red blinking things shaming you into inaction, there's always the other features on the Netflix Spoilers site, such as "What Type Of Spoiler Are You," "Spoiler Proflies," and the Netflix spoiler quiz "Public Domain." It's okay to back down. After all, you probably already know how Primal Fear ends anyway.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

Mike Reyes is the Senior Movie Contributor at CinemaBlend, though that title’s more of a guideline really. Passionate about entertainment since grade school, the movies have always held a special place in his life, which explains his current occupation. Mike graduated from Drew University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, but swore off of running for public office a long time ago. Mike's expertise ranges from James Bond to everything Alita, making for a brilliantly eclectic resume. He fights for the user.