Rumor: Taylor Swift To Star In Supergirl! The Love Story

This website claims that Kanye West victim Taylor Swift is up for the role of Supergirl. Further they claim that someone is making an awful movie called Supergirl! The Love Story in which Taylor Swift would appear as the character. This is a rumor so impossible, that it must be true. No one would fake anything this ridiculous, would they?

It makes a certain sort of sick sense. They’re just applying the Twilight formula to superhero movies now, right? It was inevitable. So they’ll take a superhero property and fill it full of teenagers who aren’t Mormons even though they act a lot like them, and have them stand around gazing longingly at each other. Then every now and then, one of the cute ones, will fly. Whether or not this particular rumor turns out to be true, come on, we all know it’s coming. And if you’re going to do it, why not do it with Supergirl, and if you’re specifically targeting the teenage girl Twilight crowd, why not do it with Taylor Swift? I mean assuming you don’t care about making a good movie which, if you’re considering this, you most certainly do not.

Besides, it’s Supergirl. Geeks don’t care about Supergirl. Serious moviegoers even less so. Let the tweens have her if only to protect something we actually care about from their tempting purchasing power. Make Supergirl! The Love Story so they don’t make Batman! The Love Story later. Here's hoping they cast Kanye West as Lex Luthor.

Josh Tyler