Russell Crowe Stands Alone In Final Poster For Darren Aronofsky's Noah

Noah Poster

It's been a good long time since we last saw a new feature from brilliant director Darren Aronofsky... or at least it seems like on long time just because of how much we've been anticipating his latest. Noah, his upcoming biblical epic, is now just a couple months away from release, set to come out at the end of March, but we find ourselves biting our nails counting down the days until its arrival. We're still waiting for a new trailer to come out, the last one premiering all the way back in mid-November, but it's possible that we could see a new spot very soon, as today Yahoo! has debuted a brand new one-sheet for the movie.

Based on a script by Aronofsky and John Logan, the film will recount the fantastic tale of how Noah (played by Russell Crowe) built a massive ark to house two of every animal on Earth before an apocalyptic flood. As you can probably tell from the tone of this poster, it's a fairly dark tale and the image of the hero makes it look like he's had to go through some really rough shit in order to finish the work commanded of him by god. The question is: is that axe just used for chopping wood, or does he have to use in to defend his ship as well?

Get a closer look at the film watching the trailer below.

Kind of funny that the trailer would make a point of having Noah say that he's not standing alone, only to then have a poster of him doing just that, no?

Crowe may be the only actor featured on the poster, but he is just one part of what is a very impressive ensemble cast. Jennifer Connelly, who put on one of the best performances of her career in Aronofsky's Requiem For A Dream, will play Noah's wife; Anthony Hopkins will play Methuselah; Ray Winstone will play Tubal Cain (the film's central antagonist); Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman will play Noah's sons; and Emma Watson will play Booth's love interest.

It's common in Hollywood for new posters and new trailers to debut around the same time, so hopefully we'll get to see more from the biblical epic soon. In the meantime, are you excited to see Noah? Answer our poll below.

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