Logan Lerman And Douglas Booth Added To Aronofsky's Noah

Those familiar with the story of Noah's ark know that it wasn't just Noah and two of every animal aboard the giant ship. When God sent the message, he told the titular hero to also take his family. Obviously this is a good element to have for film version of the story, as it gives Noah somebody to talk to other than some zebras and a porcupine, but it also means that actors need to be found for the other parts. Darren Aronofsky has already cast Oscar-winner Russell Crowe as his lead and now it seems he's found actors to play two of Noah's sons.

Deadline is reporting that Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth have been added to the cast of Aronofsky's Noah. Logan will play the older son, Ham, while Booth will play the younger Shem. The site also has word that the director is considering casting Jennifer Connelly as the protagonist's wife. Should that come true it would be a double reunion of sorts, as Connelly worked with Crowe on Ron Howard's A Beautiful Mind (which earned Connelly her Oscar) and with Aronofsky on the haunting Requiem For A Dream. They are also still on the hunt for an actor to play the film's villain. It was previously rumored that Liam Neeson could take that part, but now it seems that won't be coming to pass. There is also still a love interest for Lerman's character up for grabs.

It's too bad that Neeson is no longer in contention, as it would have been great to see him take on a villain role again (particularly if he would be squaring off against Crowe). Considering this is Aronofsky we're discussing, however, I'm sure that they'll find a more than suitable substitute.

Eric Eisenberg
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