Russell Crowe, Star Trek Villain

We may not be able to get any information out of J.J. Abrams on his mysterious, untitled Cloverfield project, but Star Trek is leaking rumors like a punctured shuttlecraft hull. The latest comes from IGN, where they claim that it’s a priority for J.J. Abrams to land at least two big stars for the film. One of those could be a cameo (Tom Cruise as Captain Pike?), but the other they’re hoping will end up playing the villain. IGN has a name to go with that villain, and they say it could be none other than Russell Crowe.

The rumor is that Crowe is the guy at the top of Paramount’s wish list, and they don’t know if they’ll get him yet. If they do… it’ll be huge. Even if they don’t, that gives you some idea of the kind of massive, serious, heavyweight they’re going for with the movie. This isn’t a cameo like the Tom Cruise for Pike rumor, this isn’t Christian Slater in a walk on, this is a major part in the movie. Paramount is obviously willing to invest big in breathing life back into Star Trek, in a way they haven’t done since… well… ever.

In a way though, I almost hope they don’t get Crowe. Sure, it’d put asses in seats but if he ends up as the villain the temptation to shift the focus of the movie off the Enterprise crew and on to him might be there. Heck, he might even demand it. Getting Russell Crowe in a Star Trek movie can’t be easy and you have to think that in order to have any shot at getting them they’d have to make some serious concessions. Unlike some big stars, Crowe isn’t all about the money and even a ridiculously huge paycheck probably wouldn’t be enough to get him dressed up as a Klingon, Tholian, or whatever species ends up being the bad guys for Abrams’ prequel Trek movie. Actually, if it is Crowe, it’s probably a safe bet that the bad guy will be a human. Ain’t no way he’s wearing pointed ears.

Josh Tyler