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The lyrics to the torch song New York, New York leap to mind while listening to Ryan Gosling reflect on his earliest days breaking into acting. "If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere" the classic anthem goes. "There," in this instance, just happens to be West Hollywood.

Also, if I listened to Gosling and entertained the notion of possibly becoming a professional actor, I’d probably pull a complete 180-degrees and possibly apply for a job in a safe profession. So, who’s hiring?

The above clip, shared by The Wrap, is from James Toback and Alec Baldwin’s industry documentary Seduced and Abandoned. Released on HBO back in October, the film follows the 30 Rock star and the director of The Pick-Up Artist and Two Girls and a Guy as they shop a project around Cannes. It’s meant to be a scathing commentary on the difficulty to succeed in this cutthroat atmosphere. And the interview with Gosling solidifies this point. The successful star reflects:
"Everyone’s left their families, their homes, their friends, their jobs, to pursue a dream where they know that the percentage of them achieving that dream is never. And they do it anyway."

Reminds me of that excellent Red Hot Chili Peppers song about dreamers chasing opportunities in the City of Angels.

At the same time, I can listen to the stories of actors who’ve made it in the industry all day, every day. And not the stories that James Lipton captures on Inside the Actor’s Studio, the recollections of works gone right. I want to hear about the struggles, the times that people like Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise wanted to give up, to throw it all away and try something else. That would make for an outstanding series!

So tell me, baby. Are you a struggling actor trying to make it in the "biz?" And do Gosling’s words, as a survivor who made it to the other side, give you encouragement… or strike fear in your heart?

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