I'm beginning to wonder if even Ryan Reynolds knows what his upcoming schedule looks like. Just today, the comic book adaptation in which he is meant to star, R.I.P.D. got closer to finding its director, and the Deadpool movie has been officially been called "up-in-the-air" thanks to the actor's commitment to Green Lantern. It appears, however, that nobody has told Reynolds how busy he really is because he's thinking about taking on yet another project.

Deadline reports that Reynolds is currently the frontrunner for a highly sought after role in the upcoming film Safe House. Co-staring Denzel Washington as a dangerous criminal in federal custody, the role is a young, CIA agent who is tasked with transporting Washington to a safe location after their safe house is compromised. Far from the only young, white male actor seeking the job, Reynolds is competing with Wolverine co-star Taylor Kitsch, Chris Pine, Sam Worthington, Garrett Hedlund, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth and Jake Gyllenhaal. The film is scheduled to begin production early next year.

There's an old saying I'd like to share with Mr. Reynolds at this time: If you can't finish what's on your plate don't ask for seconds. I understand that the film industry is constantly shifting and you need to secure star status while you can, but there's simply no way that he can handle such a huge workload without either a) burning out or b) shifting everything back. I fall into the category of fans who would rather see a Deadpool movie than Green Lantern (not to say that I'm not excited for the latter), but it would be unfair to fans if Reynolds skips out of Deadpool in favor of something else. It would be great to see Reynolds square off against Denzel Washington, but now is just not the time.

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