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With Utah movie theater Brewvies in hot water over showing Deadpool while alcohol was being served, there's plenty of reaction to the controversy floating around on the internet. But perhaps the best reaction is one of the shortest, and it's from the man himself, as Ryan Reynolds responded to the Utah Department of Alcohol Beverage Control's case against the theater with one simple statement.

The short, but sweet response was released through Reynolds' Twitter feed; and it's everything we could have expected. As if his recent message announcing the earlier Digital HD window for Deadpool wasn't enough of a thrill, Ryan Reynolds took a side in the case that could see Brewvies lose there liquor license permanently. On top of the permanent loss of their liquor license, the theater could also face a fine between $1,000 and $25,000 leveled against the theater, all because Utah law prohibits nudity and sex acts being shown at an establishment serving alcohol.

As if that wasn't enough, there's a possibility that Ryan Reynolds may have done more than just talk about supporting the case in Brewvies' defense. On a Go Fund Me page trying to raise money for Brewvies' legal fees, it looks like Reynolds has made the largest donation to the cause with a $5,000 pledge. We've included said caveat, because there's been no official word from Reynolds himself as to whether he kicked in the money to fight for Deadpool's right to party in the the state of Utah. We'd like to think that Ryan Reynolds actually did donate $5,000 to the cause, as he seems like the type of guy who'd put his money where his mouth is.
The added celebrity attention being paid to Utah's Deadpool controversy could possibility lead to us hearing about more actors stepping forth to support Brewvies' ability to show edgier films in their clearly 21 and over venue. For now though, Ryan Reynolds is in their corner, and even if some prankster pledged $5,000 to the theater in Reynolds' name, his outspoken support is as good as money.

Deadpool arrives on Digital HD on Tuesday, with the Blu-ray / DVD release hitting the streets on May 10th.
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