For his follow up to The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen has pitched to Paramount Pictures a remake of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery … no, wait, he’ll be remaking Woody Allen’s 1967 comedy Casino Royale. OK, fine, Cohen will place his stamp on a reboot of Rowan Atkinson’s Johnny English franchise. No? Oh, he’s simply trying yet another James Bond spoof? Add it to the growing pile.

Cohen reportedly will co-write a 007-style comedy with Phil Johnston, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The trade, in reporting the story, points out that the tried-and-true tropes of the Bond franchise make it ripe for spoofing, inspiring Michel Hazanavicius to create the OSS 117 films and all of the movies I mentioned above. But Cohen has pitched a story about a Bond-like character who’s forced to go on the run with his brother, a “moronic soccer hooligan.” At the moment, it’s unclear whether Cohen will act in the comedy, let alone which role he’d play. My gut says he’ll play the wacky brother, though I’d much rather see him play against type and assume the role of the cool, sophisticated spy character. Then you have the opportunity to pair Cohen with another gifted comedian and see how they play off of each other.

As for Johnston, his credits lead us to believe this seemingly-unoriginal concept could have legs. He co-wrote the small but effective Ed Helms comedy Cedar Rapids, pitched in on Disney’s upcoming movie Wreck-It Ralph, and co-wrote Nebraska, the next from Alexander Payne. Could he possibly reign in Cohen? Time will tell.

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