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Sacha Baron Cohen Takes Over The Today Show To Protest The Oscars

The Academy has made a fierce enemy in Admiral General Aladeen, despotic leader of the foreign nation of Wadiya, who took to the airwaves in the United States this morning to renounce the Oscars and protest his apparent banishment from Sunday’s event. We have his controversial statements below:

OK, so it’s really Sacha Baron Cohen in character who is promising “unimaginable consequences” against the Academy if they don’t lift their “sanctions” and give the comedian his tickets back. If you are completely lost, here is a bit of back story explaining how Baron Cohen planned to attend the Oscar red carpet as Aladeen, primarily to help promote his summer comedy The Dictator but also to raise a little hell at what has become a staid event. The Academy balked, and Baron Cohen (as he’s trained to do) escalated the joke by appearing on NBC’s The Today Show this morning. The Hilary Swank joke might be a little dated, but stay to the end of the clip for a great Brett Ratner jab.

Does any of this help the Oscars or The Dictator? Maybe not, but I do know I’ll be keeping a close eye on the usually vapid red-carpet procession to see what Baron Cohen tries. And we’re excited for The Dictator, no matter what. And wouldn’t it be great if Martin Scorsese’s Hugo took home an Oscar in ANY category, giving Baron Cohen – a member of the ensemble – the chance to make it to the stage? Sunday might not be as boring as we fear.

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