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Though Salt ended up only making $118 million at the domestic box office on a $110 million budget, the international take of nearly $300 million is more than enough to justify a sequel. We've heard about the possibility of a sequel multiple times in the months since - producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura previously confirmed that there is an idea despite the fact that director Phillip Noyce won't be returning - but today Deadline has learned that the project is officially moving forward.

According to the report, Kurt Wimmer has been hired to write the script for Salt 2. The first film ended with a cliffhanger - Salt expressing interest in getting revenge against those that "took everything from her" - and one can assume that the next movie will pick up from there. As for star Angelina Jolie, she has expressed interest in playing the part of Evelyn Salt again, but is only willing to sign on if "if it comes together right."

I expect to hear a lot of moans and groans about this one. The first movie played to mediocre responses from both critics and fans and one has to imagine that there's a better way to spend $100 million. Is it still fun to watch Angelina Jolie kicking ass? Sure, but this isn't exactly the Bourne franchise.