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Sam Worthington Replacing Bale As Batman?

There are many, many reasons to distrust news that comes from tabloids, especially when they're British, but maybe even more so when they're Australian. Nothing against our friends in the Southern hemisphere, but unlike British tabloids and blind pigs hunting acorns, the Aussie tabs don't necessarily have a reputation for occasionally coming upon the good stuff.

So even though The Herald Sun is reporting that Sam Worthington is being tapped to replaced Christian Bale in the third Christopher Nolan Batman film, we should keep the panicking down to a minimum. The only credited source is "industry gossip," and of course Bale's on-set meltdown from Terminator: Salvation, which I had assumed was the oldest of old news.

Worthington, as you probably know, is Bale's Terminator co-star, and is being talked up as a huge new star given his role in both that film in James Cameron's Avatar. But not only is this rumor probably wrong, it would be a stupid move anyway; Bale's popularity wasn't substantially damaged by the leaked rant, and anyway, don't we kind of want an angry guy to be playing Batman? So Worthington may indeed be a giant star in a year's time, but I have a feeling Bale will live to growl as Batman another day.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend