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You know the drill. Two law enforcement agents need to obtain information from a perp. One keeps it sweet, while the other plays hardball. That’s the gist behind the exclusive clip from Paul Feig’s The Heat, which aired during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday evening (and has been shared via MTV.com). But the clip goes one step further. Watch it above, and I’ll explain below.

Everything we’ve seen about Heat tells us that Sandra Bullock is going to be the rule-follower in the buddy-cop formula, the buttoned-up and clean cut officer who has to tolerate a bit of a slob (Melissa McCarthy) who plays by her own rules. And so we get this lengthy set up where McCarthy’s character pretends she’ll cooperate with Bullock to get what they need out of an informant. And, as you could have guessed, she doesn’t.

But more than that, I believe that Feig’s Heat will live or die based on the chemistry shared between these two funny ladies, and there’s tremendous interplay between Bullock and McCarthy that I think is going to help turn this into a smash hit. Maybe the dialogue about the hair clip is all on the page. But it feels like something they improvised, and if these two have tapped into a current of conversation that feels off the cuff even though it’s scripted, than The Heat is going to sing.

As you may remember, The Heat was supposed to be in theaters already, but 20th Century Fox loved what it was seeing out of the comedy and moved it back to a prime summer slot. Now it opens on June 28. Will you check it out?