The Sausage Party Trailer Is Disturbingly Funny And Profane, Watch It Now

After a brief tease on Seth Rogen's Twitter feed promoting out first look at his animated feature, Sausage Party, we've finally gotten our first look at the mostly finished product folks as SXSW were treated to tonight. Get your fill of the Sausage Party in the trailer below:

Thanks to Seth Rogen himself, we have our first look at what could be the sleeper hit of August. Sausage Party takes place in a supermarket during their annual 4th of July sale. So obviously, the various sausages in the market are excited at the prospect of going home with some lucky consumer, and Frank's (Seth Rogen) pack of sausages – consisting of co-stars Jonah Hill, and Michael Cera – are one of those lucky packs. Though Rogen's sausage is forced on a bit of a journey when he's separated from his comrades, and brought face to face with truth about what purpose he really serves. And what's a journey without a colorful cast of teammates, such as Kristen Wiig's Brenda the hot dog bun or Edward Norton's Sammy Bagel Jr?

While the concept to Sausage Party seems a bit flat on paper, seeing it brought to raunchy life through this first trailer is absolutely hysterical. The initial set-up looks like something that could have easily been made into a PG / PG-13 laugh fest that could barely play with the kiddos, but definitely hit the teenage demographic's sweet spot. Then, the kitchen sequence takes over, and a torrent of foul language and horrific imagery involving produce and foodstuffs kicks in. In this short sequence, not only does Sausage Party prove that it's not for children, it gives the MPAA a hell of a run for its money when it comes for inventing a proper ratings descriptor.

Of course, the advanced word of mouth from tonight's work-in-progress screening helps paint a more accurate picture of Sausage Party, and if those reactions are any indication, then this trailer is only the appetizer that teases the full course headed our way. At the very least, Seth Rogen and company have cooked up an R-rated alternative to all of the sweet, endearing, and educational animated films that have always hit the market during the summer season. Though if you're still in the market for sweet and endearing, we hear that the Pete's Dragon remake opens in theaters that same day, putting the party in direct competition with the films they're trying to counter.

Sausage Party serves up some fun in theaters on August 12th.

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