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Like bolt out of the blue, Sausage Party struck a surprise blow when it announced it was going to deliver a work-in-progress cut of the film to SXSW. Considering the surprise screening of Seth Rogen's R-rated animated extravaganza was only announced at the beginning of the month, the hype train never had a chance to shift into overdrive, which is good news for an unknown quantity such as this. But the unknown is now known, as the first reactions to Sausage Party have hit, and we've gathered some of the wieners of the pack below:

Let's start with out hometown hero, Eric Eisenberg, as he had a couple great thoughts surrounding his experience at Sausage Party:

Ross A. Lincoln from Deadline was the first of the night to comment on what he'd seen, and judging by his reaction, he might be mulling this one over a little more in the coming day or so.

In a follow up tweet, Lincoln complimented the film by stating that it was worth the lack of sleep required to get into the advanced screening. Meanwhile, another audience member dropped this rather vague evaluation on the effect Sausage Party is going to have on the great big meme machine that is the internet.

This next tweet puts Sausage Party in good company for you folks who like your movies a little more hardcore, as one viewer proclaimed the following:

Probably the most glowing rave of praise for Sausage Party comes from this next tweet, which sums up the film with all of the makings of a blockbuster:

Of course, if you want a little more hyperbole, then check out this little slice of uplift:

Now if you're thinking Sausage Party is going to be without its thoughtful, tender moments; then the evaluation from Jada Yuan of New York Magazine might be of interest to you:

The same caveat goes for this next tweet, which lays a very heavy mantle on Seth Rogen's animated comedy:

After this first wave of reactions, Sausage Party looks to be on the track to glory. Though there's bound to be some detractors out there, sharpening their knives and thinking of the perfect way to say what they thought was wrong with the film. We'll see if the market takes to the more positive side of the reactions, or sides with the haters, when the film opens on August 12th.