Scarlett Johansson Stalks Human Flesh In Latest Under The Skin Trailer

Relying on a few calculated pull quotes, A24 continues to promote Jonathan Glazer’s haunting Under the Skin while also preparing audiences for the mind-fuck that awaits. The latest trailer for the film was dropped on A24’s YouTube page. Check it out above.

One does not simply toss around comparisons to Kubrick in a marketing campaign unless they think they have the goods to back it up. And Glazer just may. As we first reported from the Toronto International Film Festival, Under the Skin is an unusual – and unusually provocative – movie that has a lot of poignant comments about the human body, and the way that we view (and are viewed by) others. But this social commentary fits into a fascinating science-fiction story that takes place in modern-day Scotland. Excuse Ms. Johansson’s 1980s fur.

The Avengers actress plays a sexy, curvaceous alien – yes, I said "alien" – who drives around Scotland in a nondescript van picking up hitchhikers who, in no uncertain terms, agree to get in her ride so that they can sleep with her. She offers them very little beyond her looks, and the men – though sensing the dangerousness of the situation – chuck caution to the wind because they’re confident they are going to see Johansson with her gear off.

Glazer, who directed Sexy Beast and Birth, uses this original scenario to ask vital questions about how we perceive each other… and ourselves. Under the Skin is exhilarating and weird, but it’s arresting in the way he plays with sound and visuals to keep us invested in his world. It’s a brave performance from Johansson, and I wanted to say that it’s unlike anything she has ever done before – but that’s not entirely accurate. Johansson doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the risks she takes in feature films. Her resume, outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, boasts strong performances in films as challenging as Her, Don Jon (she was fantastic), Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Prestige and Match Point, she keeps proving that she will never coast on her good looks. There’s too much talent and ability resting in Johansson to let it ever go to waste.

Under the Skin will make its way to theaters in April. Along with the new trailer, A24 shared a poster. The red-band trailer for Skin is below, as well, to get a real sense of what’s in store. So far, are you interested?

Under the Skin Poster

Sean O'Connell
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