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The Huntsman: Winter's War promises to breathe new life into the franchise that Snow White and The Huntsman attempted to start back in 2012. With the prospect of connecting both to the past and the future, it'll use one particular scene as the thread to both ends of the story. That moment in question is the scene where The Huntsman delivers his big monologue of backstory.

During a group interview with the cast of The Huntsman: Winter's War, Chris Hemsworth revealed to The Today Show that the scene where he pours out his heart to Kristen Stewart's comatose protagonist is the big jumping off point for the new Huntsman film. The logic behind this move is laid out in the comment below:
It’s a prequel… It’s the backstory where, my character in the first one, he’s talking to Snow White about his wife. It’s filling in those blanks. But also, where the Huntsman came from.

Though Hemsworth wasn't the only cast member to start spilling some beans, as Emily Blunt, also on hand for the group interview for The Huntsman: Winter's War, helped further clarify the film's exact positioning in the canon as a "prequel that veers into a sequel." It's also to be assumed that Jessica Chastain's Sara, in addition to being Chris Hemsworth's love interest, is presumably the Sara that huntsman Eric laments losing in his monologue in Snow White and The Huntsman. For reference, you can relive that lament in the clip included below.

Should The Huntsman: Winter's War live up to the details that were dropped by Chris Hemsworth and his co-stars, the prequel/sequel will expertly bridge the series for future installments that could or could not involve Snow White and The Huntsman's star Kristen Stewart. Though, to be fair, it would seem more likely that Universal would continue full steam ahead with Hemsworth at the head of the cast, should The Huntsman: Winter's War deliver the box office bounty it's looking to claim.

You can check out the rest of the interview with Hemsworth and company in the full video below, if only to notice how Jessica Chastain expertly pivots away from the question about whether she's The Huntsman's wife or not.

The Huntsman: Winter's War weaves its spell on moviegoers April 22nd.