Scott Pilgrim Clip From MTV Movie Awards: Chris Evans Has A Stunt Team

Yes, maybe it's unfair, but in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World poor Michael Cera is forced to fight seven evil exes in order to win the love of Ramona Flowers-- and not only is one of them a dirty-fighting girl, but one is a movie star played by Chris Evans. If you had trouble imagining how Cera could ever stand up Evans-- who is Captain America, after all-- Edgar Wright is here to help. The director himself popped up onscreen during the pre-show for the MTV Movie Awards to introduce a brand-new clip from the film, in which Scott comes face to face with Lucas Lee, a Hollywood action star who travels not only with his own muscles, but an entire stunt team.

It's the first full clip from the film, and it has all the kinetic energy and witty humor you've been expecting based on the trailers. Quite honestly, it might be the best thing you see all night from watching the MTV Movie Awards. Check out the clip below and keep checking back as we bring you all of the night's highlights:

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend