See Batman v Superman's Wonder Woman, Read About The Badass Footage

As expected, Zack Snyder brought Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to Hall H on Saturday, and we were there to see every second of it. The biggest surprise was the first look at Wonder Woman in costume, though a still was shown without any footage of the warrior princess in action. See it above.

But you also want to know about Batman and Superman, don't you? Want to know what was shown?

Our very own Eric was hunkered down in Hall H to witness the exclusive footage. Surprisingly, Warner Bros. led off their anticipated panel with Batman v. Superman instead of making fans wait. As the footage happened, Eric reported. This is exactly what he saw:

Batman on a rooftop. Takes cover off of the bat signal. Turns it on. Light shines to the sky. Rain pouring down. Lightning then reveals superman floating in the sky with eyes glowing red.Batman stares at him glowering. Batman's suit is more like armor. With glowing white eyes.They also had a portrait of wonder woman up - similar to the bats and superman. Very comic book looking. Red armor top. She looks like pure warrior. Wonder woman was holding a sword and shield. "

The panel wrapped quickly. Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot all reached the stage, but no questions were asked, and they didn’t say a word. Will the footage reach the Internet soon? We can only pray.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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