See Black Panther In Action From Marvel's First Captain America: Civil War Trailer

So now that we have our first look at scenes from next summer’s Captain America: Civil War, we have our first look at the newest member of the MCU, Black Panther. We only get a few quick glimpses of the newest hero but what we do see looks great.

We know comparatively little about Black Panther. We know that the character's focus in Civil War will be apprehending The Winter Solider. This certainly makes sense, as both of our action shots involve scenes of Black Panther trying to take Bucky (Sebastian Stan) down. There's an implication that he's working with Iron Man, but it's hard to tell if the two are actually on the same side, or simply have similar goals.

The best shot by far is this bit where Bucky (are we calling him Bucky now?), Black Panther, and Captain America are all chasing after each other in a foot race through a tunnel. All three of them appear to be moving faster than the cars and Panther, at least in this scene is actually out running the guy full of super soldier serum. While it's difficult to tell exactly what the sequence is here, it appears that Panther is chasing after Bucky, while Cap is chasing after Panther to keep him from getting to Bucky.

image description

In a second scene, we get a great action shot of Black Panther dropping Bucky with what I’m going to a call a flying double spin kick. The Panther can get physical with the best of them it seems. He drives The Winter Soldier completely off his feet and the guy goes flying back into some crates. Apparently he has both speed and power. This will make him a formidable foe for Team Cap.

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And then there was the brief hero "reveal," which is captured in the photo at the top of this page.

We're sure to see more of Black Panther from this point on, as well as learn more about how his character fits into the story as well as the larger MCU. He'll be getting his own movie eventually, so this is only the beginning for a character who will be hanging around for some time to come. What do you think of the debut of Black Panther?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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