See Christopher Nolan's Handwritten Map Of The Inception Dream Levels

We devoted a lot of time over the summer to helping each other explain Inception, from the massive Inception: Explained comment thread to analysis from dream experts to our handy infographic explaining the film's five levels. It was a lot of coverage, sure, but where was a whole lot to talk about.

As it turns out, we weren't the only ones who needed a map and a lot of conversation to keep track of what went on in that movie. As revealed in the Inception Shooting Script book (and posted by In Contention), Christopher Nolan himself drew out a map of the film's five levels and how they intersect across the linear narrative-- a map that, lucky us, is included in the book. You can see it below but probably ought to click over for In Contention's high-res version, which is where all the details emerge.

Not only is it a clear explanation of what's happening on every level at every moment, but you can see in Nolan's notes his concerns about the plot-- he worries about how the different length of time on each level might affect the parallel plots, keeps careful track of Fischer's place throughout the levels, and even changes the dreamer on two levels, swapping out Eames and Arhur as the dreamers on the second level (the hotel) and the third (the snow fort hospital). It's not easy to read all of it, and it doesn't actually reveal any secrets about the film, but it's very, very cool to see Nolan's plotting process laid bare like this. Take a look below, and track down the Inception Blu-Ray out today for surely much, much more to dig through.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend