See A Deleted Scene From Juno

When a movie gets thrown into the Oscar race and becomes the subject of fierce discussion, it’s weird to think about it having deleted scenes. When you’re debating whether or not something is an Important Work of Art (or calling someone a douchebag for thinking that movie is important at all), you don’t think of all the scenes kicking around the cutting room floor, like a blooper reel.

That’s why it’s a little surreal to see this deleted scene from Juno. With so many lines and pop culture references from that movie quoted endlessly, used for either defense or derision of Diablo Cody and Ellen Page, it’s weird to have another piece of evidence for the arsenal. Slashfilm has the clip, from a scene that appears to take place later in the movie, when Juno is angry at Paulie for not being the supportive boyfriend/father she needs him to be. She’s performing a song at “Café Triste,” and lets just say, with Paulie in attendance, the lyrics are more than a little barbed.

Honestly, the scene doesn’t add all that much to your understanding of the film, and it’s easy to see why it was cut. Juno never really struck me as the open mic night kind of girl anyway—sure, she was in a band, but pouring out her heart on a stool in front of a microphone? You’d think she’d be too busy listening to the Stooges. Still, if you’re a big Juno fan you’ll enjoy this new glimpse into the movie’s world, and if you’re a Michael Cera fan, you’ll enjoy his hilarious awkwardness, perhaps more pronounced here than it ever was in the film. He’s the best part of the scene, and it makes you regret that he got so little attention among all the film’s hype.

Head over to Slashfilm to see the clip, and if you want more where that came from, the Juno DVD comes out on April 15—tax day! No better way to cheer yourself up after signing away all your money to the government, right?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend