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See How Eerily Similar Poltergeist Is To The Original

Our first look at the new remake of Poltergeist has been unveiled, and it's giving us some pretty creepy flashbacks. Why? Because apparently the marketing team is working hard to make sure that the new film reminds you of the legendary original.

Poltergeist remake

It was USA Today that was given the opportunity to deliver the first stills from the new Poltergeist - directed by Monster House filmmaker Gil Kenan - and if the images are anything to go by, we really shouldn't expect the new film to differ a whole lot from the Tobe Hooper-made original. After all, the shot of Kennedi Clements as the new character Madison Bowen seen above is clearly meant to be reminiscent of young Carol Anne's fascination with a TV glowing with static:


The comparisons don't stop there, however. Remember that terrifying clown doll from the 1982 classic that made all of us afraid to look under our beds? Well, the new Poltergeist will be bringing that element back as well, albeit with a clown of a slightly different design:

Poltergeist remake

For comparison purposes, you can see the one from the original below as well.


These two stills suggest that we will be seeing recreations of two of Poltergeists most iconic, scary scenes in the upcoming remake - but what's just a touch strange about this development is the fact that we've been led to believe that the new movie won't actually be that scary. Sam Rockwell - who stars as Eric Bowen (Madison's dad) in the film - went on the record a couple weeks ago and actually described the reboot as being more of a "kids movie" that we shouldn't expect to be "rated-R scary." I can't say for certain what scares Rockwell, but creepy clowns and being sucked into the television are both on my radar of terrifying things.

These first look images do a good job giving us a taste of what to expect from Poltergeist, but it's tomorrow that the real deal will be going online. It's been officially announced that the first trailer for the movie will be dropping at some point on Thursday, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

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