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See IKEA's Movie Theater Makeover

While there is truly nothing like seeing a movie up on the big screen, the sad truth is that movie theaters typically aren't the most comfortable places in the world. Fortunately, IKEA has come up with a theater design that changes all of that forever. Sadly, at this time the only way you can take advantage of it is if you live in Russia.

IKEA Bedroom Theater

Pictured above, according to Ad Week, is a movie theater in the Russian town of Khimki that has been completely redesigned by IKEA as part of a special promotion. Rather than having row after row of uncomfortable, old chairs, this piece of cinema heaven instead only includes a series of large, private beds that multiple people can climb into while getting ready to enjoy their cinematic experience. Obviously a theater like this would be rather expensive to maintain - ushers would have to change out the sheets after every screening, and there would be a ton of laundry to do - so it's only a limited engagement thing, but it's still fun to marvel at the concept!

To get the full experience of what the IKEA Bedroom Theater is like, I would recommend watching the video below, which not only features a time-lapse of the cinema's construction, but some reactions from various members of the public who had the chance to see a movie there. Check it out!

For those of you who are reading this and actually live near or in Khimki, your opportunity to experience this bedroom theater isn't actually over yet. The theater will be available until this Sunday, December 14th - so if you want to go, go now!

It's certainly still a pipe dream situation, but part of me does wonder if theaters could actually ever implement something like this. Chains would certainly need to try and find a way to cut the expense for daily use down, but it's true that people have started to stay at home instead of going to the theater to watch movies partially because it is just more comfortable to screen things while relaxing in your own furniture. Wave of the future? Maybe. There are still all kinds of other issues that would certainly have to be dealt with - like what you do about a food and drink policy - but I still like the concept in theory. What do you think?

Eric Eisenberg

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